How You Can Help?

Private Donations help sustain PPSC’s tradition of excellence as a psychoanalytic institution.

Your support ensures that we are able to develop all aspects of our organization, including:

  1. Our Treatment Service, which sees hundreds patients a year for low cost, affordable therapy.

  2. Exceptional, Multi-Orientational Psychoanalytic Training for over 50 current candidates.

  3. The PPSC Annex: Our ongoing professional development and continuing education program.

  4. Our Advanced Psychodynamic Addictions Training Program, which is expanding into its second year.

Feel free to contact us at (212) 633-9162 to discuss donation options.

Types of Donations Accepted

We welcome in-kind and cash donations of all sizes from both individuals and corporations. Your choices include:

*Reminder- if you or your spouse works for a company that provides matching gifts for donations made to non-profits, an easy way to double your individual donation would be to complete the matching gift contribution form which your HR department will provide upon request.

Complete the form and send along with your donations to: PPSC, 80 Fifth Avenue, Suite #703A, New York, NY 10011.

Individual Donations

Donate with Check by Mail
If you’d like to to mail a check, please complete this form.  Mail completed form along with the check to PPSC at:

80 Fifth Avenue, Suite 903A

New York, NY 10011

Donate Stocks
In addition to making a difference to our non-profit, you will also receive a significant tax benefit for stock donations. Before initiating your request with your brokerage firm, please call us at 212-560-2208 for the required information to complete the transfer.

PPSC VIP Supporters

New - In an effort to continue to provide our treatment services at a low cost, we welcome Donors to be a part of our 'VIP Supporters.' Whether you are an individual, institution or a corporation, you can help us achieve our mission with donations at a much higher level. Donation Gifts start at the $1,500.00 level. In return, our VIP Supporters will receive recognition on our website, personal updates from our Executive Director, special invitations throughout the year to exclusive events, tours of our facilities and other special opportunities.

Your gift will make a huge difference and will accomplish the following specifics:             

$1,500+ can help to purchase needed office equipment.
$2,500+ can help to pay an intern for work study stipends for a semester.
$5,000+  and above help us to add strategic programs and services.

If you wish to become a PPSC VIP Supporter, please contact our Office Manager at 212-560-2208 for further details.

your support is greatly appreciated