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Practicing What We Preach: How to utilize what we’re learning from Attachment Theory and Neurobiology with Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP)

While many models of psychotherapy acknowledge the significance of attachment theory and neurobiology, AEDP goes a step further by creating an experiential approach that operationalizes and integrates this research. Rather than focusing on psychopathology, AEDP privileges “wired-in” capacities for healing in an experiential, emotion-focused model that moves beyond symptom management toward deep and lasting psychological transformation.In this workshop, Mr. Liption will present videotape of actual AEDP psychotherapy sessions to demonstrate how AEDP works to:

Rapidly promote the development of a secure attachment relationship
Balance therapist authenticity and technical specificity
Facilitate and regulate a patient’s body-based experiencing of emotion
Track moment-to-moment the patient’s affective and relational experience
Target and repair relational pathology
Integrate right- and left-brain functioning to actively work through traumas
Use videotape to catalyze the therapeutic process and maximize self- supervision

Benjamin Lipton, LCSW is a Senior Faculty member of the Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) Institute and supervises individuals and groups learning AEDP around the US. He is the editor of From Crisis to Crossroads: Gay Men Living with Chronic Illnesses and Disabilities (Haworth Press, 2004), has published several clinical articles and book chapters, and frequently presents AEDP at conferences and workshops. Mr. Lipton previously was the Director of Clinical Services at Gay Men’s Health Crisis and Adjunct faculty at New York University and Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. He maintains a private practice in Manhattan.