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Psychotherapy with Style (in Mind)

This workshop will introduce clinicians to Dr. Lurie’s concept of “Connecting Styles” and will demonstrate how keeping both the clinician’s and client’s “Connecting Style” in mind can enhance communication and connection with our patients. Dr. Lurie will expose us to his model which includes four basic Connecting Style paradigms. Connecting styles share character strengths, preferences, and biases in how people form relationships, communicate, respond to stress, take risks, deal with their impulses, control their feelings, filter information and solve problems.Although everyone operates out of all paradigms to some degree, individuals tend to gravitate toward one style more than the others.Dr. Lurie will bring these concepts alive by inviting attendees to participate in self-evaluation exercises and role plays that will help each participant to gain a better understanding of both the clinician’s and the patient’s Connecting Style and to capitalize on this awareness to enhance therapeutic communication, improve engagement and listening skills and allow for greater role versatility. This workshop will also provide valuable insights into the influence of style and style differences on couple, family and parent-child relationships.At completion of this program, clinicians will feel equipped to provide psychotherapy with “style (in mind)” in mind when working with patients.