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"East Meets West: Integrating Eastern Healing Methods with Modern Psychotherapy"

This talk has been approved by New York State for 2 hours of Continuing Education Credit for LMSWs and LCSWs.

The focus of this experiential workshop is to explore how different mindfulness techniques can be combined with traditional psychotherapy methods. This introductory workshop will touch on the similarities and differences of both modalities but will mostly focus on how to tackle a range of issues including anxiety, depression, trauma-based symptoms, and some of the more persistent symptomatology we see in schizophrenia and borderline personality traits.

You will learn ways to teach your patients (and yourselves):

1) ways to connect with the inner world through mindfulness of the body, its reactions and how it speaks to us; 2) visualization techniques that help get patients in touch with feelings and experiences that talking sometimes cannot reach; 3) other modalities for grounding and staying in the present moment such as using sound and objects in the environment. The techniques discussed will range from an inner focus based approach (insight based mindfulness) to an outer focused based one which entails using the external environment to ground and self-soothe, techniques especially helpful for trauma based symptoms and emotional dysregulation.

Danielle Benvenuto is a psychotherapist and energy healer who specializes in psychoanalysis, energy work, and mindfulness meditation making the work she does integrative in nature. Tuning into the body, nature, dreams and the healing power of sound & visualization are important elements in her work as is working directly with the breath to heal the mind and body. She holds workshops on topics such as integrating mindfulness with psychotherapy, using imagery to transform trauma, and the art of manifestation. She has written articles on various topics and is currently writing extensively on deconstructing enlightenment-bringing ancient philosophies about the nature of existence and the mind into everyday life focusing particularly on how enlightenment is an ordinary experience brought forth through connection and giving birth to our visions. 

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