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“EMDR: Why and When”

This talk has been approved by New York State for 2 hours of Continuing Education Credit for LMSWs and LCSWs.

Many people entering our consulting rooms have experienced some form of trauma in their lifetime. Symptoms of trauma can interfere with our patients’ abilities to participate effectively in a psychotherapeutic relationship, and it can be can be challenging to work through using just traditional psychoanalytic techniques. 

EMDR can address some of these gaps. It is a trauma therapy heralded as an effective way to process and resolve traumatic experience. It can accelerate working through disturbing material and bring relief to emotional and somatic symptoms. 

This workshop will describe EMDR from a theoretical and technical standpoint, explain the core principles of EMDR, and discuss how it can be incorporated into your practice, with specific focus on the kind of symptoms and trauma with which you might use EMDR. This workshop will also provide information that will help answer questions you may have regarding EMDR Basic Training and will also address working adjunctively with an EMDR therapist. 

A graduate of PPSC, Amy Rosenthal is a psychoanalyst in New York City, and has been in private practice for over 20 years. She is a certified individual and group consultant in EMDR and is a facilitator for Laurel Parnell’s EMDR trainings.  Amy specializes in working with adults with relational and developmental trauma and PTSD, along with relationship struggles, anxiety, depression and dissociative disorders. She integrates her psychoanalytic approach with EMDR and Internal Family Systems therapy (IFS).

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