PPSC’s One Year Training Program in Child and Adolescent Therapy

PPSC is pleased to offer a new one year certificate program in Child and Adolescent Therapy including work with parents, beginning September, 2017. The program will offer 60 CEU credits. Both agency and private practice clinicians at all stages of professional development are eligible for this training.

The curriculum reflects a multi-theoretical psychodynamic approach and follows a developmental sequence from infancy through adolescence with experts in different phases of child, adolescent, and parent treatment teaching each class.  We will discuss the developmental tasks and challenges posed by children and their families. The first hour will offer a presentation and exploration of each topic and the second hour will be devoted to a shared discussion of theoretical, clinical case and observational material by students and instructor. 

Throughout the program our focus will be developing a knowledge and appreciation of the psychodynamic underpinnings of the developmental phases and how therapists can work most effectively with children, parents and other professionals.

The program will be divided in to three parts. Each section will draw upon the concepts presented in the earlier ones:

  • EARLY CHILDHOOD: We will discuss pregnancy, early infancy, toddlerhood, the pre-school child and consider issues including attachment, developmental milestones and delays associated with weaning, sleep, separation.

  • THE SCHOOL AGE CHILD: This section will include topics such as social adaptation, opposition, depression, hyperactivity, identity and gender issues, adoption and divorce.

  • ADOLESCENCE: Areas of focus will be identity, socialization, drugs and alcohol use, suicidality, school adjustment and separation/ individuation.

Throughout these sections of the curriculum we will consider the following questions to help participants expand their skills, competence and creativity in their work as child therapists:

  • How is the therapeutic relationship a catalyst for change and growth?

  • How do the key concepts of transference, countertransference and resistance inform our clinical interventions?

  • How is the balance between child and family work negotiated?

  • How can we remain aware of and address the tensions of race, culture and gender in our work?

  • How do we work with children and adolescents having special needs?

  • How do we understand and respond to issues relating to child abuse, neglect, and domestic violence?

The training program will take place over 3 trimesters (each trimester's tuition is $600), meeting once a week in the evening for two hours. It will be held on Wednesday evenings from 7-9PM at PPSC, 80 Fifth avenue, New York City, NY 10011. To apply, please use the following application, and submit 1 letter of reference to:

PPSC CATP Admissions

 C/O PPSC 80 Fifth Avenue Suite 903

New York, NY 10011

Applications are due by August 15th, 2019. An interview with a member of our faculty will be arranged once your application is processed.