The License-Qualifying Program in Psychoanalysis

As in our Three-Year and Four-Year Programs for licensed professionals, PPSC provides high-quality psychoanalytic training to non-licensed candidates from allied mental health fields, as well as other master’s level individuals who are committed to intensive training in psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

This education and experience provide a basis for candidates to be eligible to sit for the License in Psychoanalysis exam.  The program consists of courses in contemporary Freudian, object relations, modern analytic, relational and self psychological schools of thought, as well as foundations of ethics, research, socio-cultural influences on development and behavior, and child abuse.  Candidates without previous experience in the mental health field will complete additional pre-requisite coursework and/or clinical experience as needed to adequately prepare them for the core psychoanalytic curriculum. Courses may be taken on either a full-or part-time basis. 

Certificate Requirements*

  • Four years of coursework (See Curriculum) plus additional coursework in ethics, research, socio-cultural influences and child abuse

  • 405 hours of personal analysis, including one year of 3x/week and two years of 2x/week

  • 360 hours of supervision, at 2x/week. Those without prior clinical experience will accrue an additional 45 hours of 1x/week supervision along with additional intake training and psychodynamic psychotherapy experience

  • 810 Clinical control case hours

  • Clinical Case Presentation and Paper

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*These requirements represent minimum standards.  Exact requirements may differ based on review by the candidates’ advisors and the PPSC Training Committee.