Recently there was an article about an obese teenager who chose to have the controversial lapband surgery to help her lose weight. The article was full of statistics about nutrition, the obesity epidemic and issues with this type of surgery. They also quoted the girl's trepidation about the procedure.

"I'm just so nervous to fail my own diet. There's a diner downstairs from my apartment, and a Dunkin' Donuts." "The key is moderation, having a little mashed potato but not a portion" the doctor said. "I'm not good at moderation" she replied.

She has not been able to comply in spite of going through a surgery, being exhorted by physicians and others, and receiving nutritional counseling, etc.

Many people commented on this story. A large number focused on her being lazy, stupid, lacking in will power, unknowledgeable about nutrition; or criticized her mother for not providing the right foods. What was missing was an understanding of the nature of eating disorders and the addictive process, about which this girl has no control.  She would need a lot of emotional help; maybe also a twelve step program, like Overeaters Anonymous. For starters, this would be essential her to success.

If this were your loved one, how would you support them?