Finding Low Cost and Sliding Scale Therapy in New York

It’s a common concern: where can I find low cost and sliding scale therapy here in New York City? The simple fact is that analytic therapy can be expensive over the long term, and many patients don’t have the financial means to make that kind of commitment. This PBS article gives you a way out. It’s a basic guide to the different avenues you may explore to secure lower fees and subsidized treatment. Although the author points toward several good sources, the most resonant advice in the piece is also the simplest:

The first place to check is with your current therapist. Many, but not all, therapists offer a fee service schedule for cash-only clients that may "slide" – that is, the fee goes down based upon your income. If you're making a middle-class salary, the discount offered by such sliding scales may not be much. But if you're in the lower socio-economic class, this discounted fee schedule can cut a regular therapist's fee in half or more.

Here at PPSC, we offer low cost therapy and sliding scale therapy across the board on a need-based basis. Our psychoanalytic psychotherapists are experienced in low cost structures, so often you simply need to engage your therapist in conversation to agree on a more viable fee.

To start your own affordable therapy in New York, contact us today.