All in Your Mind: Psychotherapy for Medical Problems

It’s no secret that the mind is part of the body, and that symptoms such as stress and anxiety can have a real and immediate effect on your physical wellbeing. Anyone who has ever felt nauseous with dread, or sleepless with shame, knows too well that the things we feel can influence the way we…well, feel. So it is perhaps no surprise that talk therapy aimed at resolving emotional issues can have an effect on the body as well. This recent article offers a digest version of the numerous ways that psychotherapy can help relieve bodily symptoms, including such diverse problems as IBS, chronic pain, even headaches:

Another recent study, reported in the Italian Journal of Pediatrics, found that a brief course of psychodynamic psychotherapy might be more effective than standard care in treating migraines and tension headaches in children.

If you find yourself feeling sluggish, fuzzy-headed, or without an appetite, you may be able to benefit from depression therapy or anxiety therapy here in New York. Contact the psychoanalytic experts at PPSC to learn more about how you can improve your health by improving your mental health.