Help for Anxiety Disorders

Some people dismiss anxiety disorders as a matter of degree, believing that since we all get anxious, such disorders must be like that, but more. In fact anxiety disorders are completely distinct from the unease many of us experience in daily life, and they often strike in ways which are insoluble and destructive to everyday living. Many patients benefit from talking things out and understanding what is behind the anxiety – that is, what does it symbolize and where does it get its power? But sometimes the best way to understand the experience of anxiety is to dive into a first person account. This passage in a recent autobiographical piece captures an experience many of you may recognize:

It wasn’t until shortly after graduation that I gave in and found myself a therapist. And part of me still thought she’d laugh me out of her office to make room for people with real problems. But she didn’t, and in fact helped me wrangle my brain-monsters into a much more manageable state. I wish I’d found someone like her sooner; I’d thought I was being strong, but in fact I was getting more brittle by the day, putting all my energy into maintaining a hard shell that kept cracking despite my best efforts.

Availing yourself of strong mental health resources is an essential element in college and beyond. At PPSC, our analytic therapists offer compassionate and effective care to students and adults who are seeking some relief from the pain of constantly worry. To learn more, contact us today.