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Relationship Therapy at PPSC

A good relationship can be an essential component of a fulfilling life. Couples who struggle, or misunderstand each other, or devolve into resentment often have trouble staying together. Yet if there remains a base level of trust and intimacy, many couples have a chance of survival. At PPSC, we offer relationship therapy that emphasizes resolving the emotional issues that keep us apart from those we love. Often personal issues from earlier in life can color intimate relationships, where they wreak havoc with communication and drive us to enact dynamics that don’t really belong in the present. The goal of analytic therapy is to surface and understand these forces better, and to master them through this understanding.

As part of our abiding commitment to this relationship therapy, we occasionally host workshops for treatment professionals who want to grow more adept at identifying and improving the issues their couples patients face. One recent presentation, entitled, “Collaborative Couples Therapy: Turning Fights Into Intimate Conversations,” covered some material our therapists have found useful:

The central therapeutic task is to move couples out of their spiral of alienation–their adversarial or withdrawn state–and into a cycle of connection. The therapist creates intimate conversations by bringing into the couple dialogue the haunting feelings that each partner struggles with alone.

The PPSC Annex consistently hosts some of the most engaging and effective seminars in New York City. If you’d like to learn more about relationship therapy or continuing education in psychotherapy, please contact us today.