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On the Effectiveness of Psychoanalytic Therapy

Analytic therapy doesn't always play nice with so-called “evidence based medicine,” not least because long-term therapy does not neatly fit into the limited sample sizes and rapid timelines such studies rely upon. More crucially, the subjective improvements that arise from psychodynamic therapy can be hard to quantify and even harder to observe from outside; often they are subtle but essential transitions which resist easy classification. Even so, there is a growing body of research that which consistently confirms the notion that analytic psychotherapy is both useful and persistent:

However, the acid test of the efficacy of any method lies in the availability of hard evidence in the form of research. And, as it happens, we have two recent studies of psychoanalysis that offer evidence of its validity. . . .

The author goes on to describe two recent studies which have demonstrated the power of psychoanalytic therapy. The key, he says, is what makes this therapy unique: the relationship between therapist and patient, and the many ways this relationship can act as a prism for understanding the patient’s deepest issues.

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Low Cost Therapy in New York

Finding low cost therapy can be a great relief. Many people who are troubled by depression, anxiety, substance abuse or relationship difficulties are candidates for psychotherapy, but they may not be able to afford the high rates of many New York therapists. There is an easier way. Many of the analytic therapists at PPSC offer sliding scale rates for people who cannot afford the standard rates. That means that patients in search of low cost therapy can typically find a number of good options within our ranks.

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy, or analytic therapy, is an in-depth approach to uncovering and understanding the central issues in any person’s life. Analytic therapy is the most established approach in psychology, a mix of in-depth techniques that build understanding through a process of exploring important memories and emotions.

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