myths of psychoanalysis

Finally, the Truth About Psychoanalysis

There are few disciplines more shrouded in mystery and misinformation than psychoanalysis. Because the process is by definition discreet, many people suspect that what goes on behind the closed doors of a therapist’s office must be in some way disreputable, or even bogus. But psychoanalytic therapy is an established discipline and an effective treatment for many deep-seated emotional problems including anxiety, depression and relationship difficulties.

Yet as this article describes, the myths of psychoanalysis continue to propagate unchecked. Among the most common are “psychoanalysis is only for rich people,” “psychoanalysis is all about sex,” and “psychoanalysis only focuses on the past.” The one we field the most questions about is this one:

Myth 2: Psychoanalysis never ends.

Although it is true that psychoanalysis takes longer than most psychotherapy approaches, termination and ending is an important part of the psychoanalytic process and often, the most enriching part. The reason why psychoanalysis requires time is because it aims at a deep understanding of oneself and a significant change in healing, which can only be achieved over time in a safe, trusting and honest relationship to oneself in the presence of another.

All therapies terminate; indeed, that’s goal. But the journey to get there can take long because the issues are complex, and so are the patients.

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