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A Widely Requested Course on Clinical Psychotherapy

Most of what we write in this space is for patients. PPSC is considered an institution of New York psychotherapy, and this website was built to act as a resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the philosophy and practice of analytic therapy. But from time to time, we also like to highlight our training programs, which have earned praise as some of the most effective and well-regarded in the region. This coming fall, we’ll be offering a new course to help therapists navigate the room better, and to work effectively with patients from every part of culture:

Clinical Journeys will help you make sense of what you’re already seeing and doing. In each seminar, you will learn to apply useful psychoanalytic concepts and frameworks to situations you come across each day. The course is built around a three-part structure that forms the basis of how to think about your work:

  • What am I seeing and hearing and experiencing in the room?
  • How could I think about what I’m experiencing? What do I wonder about?
  • What is my role? What do I do? What might make things change? What’s the work?

If you are a caregiver or therapist who wants to help your patients explore some of the most important issues in their lives without unnecessary obstacles, don’t hesitate to contact the psychotherapy educators at PPSC.