reduced cost therapy

An Ode to Low Cost Therapy

It is an all-too-common complaint: patients are certain they need therapy, but are afraid that they cannot afford the kind of lasting care that’s likely to help. This recent article describes the mindset perfectly, listing common issues such as depression, anxiety and relationship difficulties before concluding:

Any of these types of issues can stretch a person beyond his or her ability to cope. Any of them can challenge the most creative, caring, and responsible person, You’ve tried your best. You’ve tried to look at a brighter side, to be rational, to be smart about whatever it is. But you still can’t figure things out. You still feel alone in your troubles and without the inner resources or the outer supports to change things. This is when people often go to therapy. You wish you could. But you have no insurance and you know it can be costly. The situation seems hopeless.

It’s not. Serious, yes. Hopeless, no.

That’s right: there are good options for low cost therapy in New York. You simply need to do a little homework, and to not be afraid to ask.

Here at PPSC, we proudly offer low cost therapy and sliding scale therapy to patients whose financial circumstances warrant consideration. We are deeply committed to the work of analytic therapy, and that means we make this essential mental health service available to as wide a swath of people as we possibly can.

If you’re looking for a better approach to low cost therapy, please don’t hesitate to contact the professional therapists of PPSC today.