PPSC is home to a 25-year tradition in discovering what works in the field of psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Founded in 1986, PPSC has a long history of commitment to the mental health community of New York City. Providing treatment and training founded in the principles of high-quality counseling and mental health offerings, PPSC is proud to be part of the evolving field of psychoanalytic psychotherapy.


PPSC’s New One-Year Program

CLINICAL JOURNEYS: How We Look, Listen, and Change

PPSC invites you to enhance and deepen your clinical relationships by expanding your theoretical understanding of your work with your patients.  Unique in its multi-theoretical approach, PPSC offers a variety of lenses through which to view phenomena in clinical work.  Through gaining exposure to this “taster” of psychoanalytic models, you will begin to develop your own personalized style.

Clinical Journeys will help you make sense of what you’re already seeing and doing.  In each seminar, you will learn to apply useful psychoanalytic concepts and frameworks to situations you come across each day. The course is built around a three-part structure that forms the basis of how to think about your work:

  • What am I seeing and hearing and experiencing in the room?
  • How could I think about what I’m experiencing? What do I wonder about?
  • What is my role? What do I do? What might make things change? What’s the work?

We welcome you to join your peers in developing your curiosity and knowledge about these questions in a collegial weekly seminar format. Clinical Journeys consists of three 8-class trimesters. Classes will be held on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 9:00, beginning on September 30.

CEUs will be available for social workers. For more information click on “training” in the menu above or contact the PPSC office at ppsc@att.net.