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Coming November 14th, 2014 :

Mixing Metaphors: An Integrative Clinical Approach within a Psychodynamic Frame

Presented by: F. Diane Barth, LCSW

Most clinicians today integrate a variety of different approaches into our work, often without consciously deciding to do so. While some theorists believe that this muddies both theoretical and technical “waters,” I would suggest that it can enrich almost any clinical process. But how do we choose what intervention will work best with what client at what time? In this workshop we will look at how psychodynamic clinicians can make use of a variety of other theories and techniques. Using both clinical material and theoretical discussion, we will consider a variety of different clinical approaches, including not only cognitive and behavioral, mindfulness, body-mind, medication, and alternative treatments, but also modalities like family, group and individual, and collateral work with other clinicians. Participants are encouraged to bring in examples and questions from their own work.

F. Diane Barth, LCSW is in private practice and runs several private study groups. She has written a number of articles and chapters on various aspects of the therapeutic process and has been engaged in an integrative practice for years. Her book Integrative Clinical Social Work Practice: A Contemporary Perspective was published this year by Springer.